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Probes, Test Probes, Spring Probes, Spring Probe Components, Spring Interconnects

Motion Dynamics manufactures some of the smallest micro springs in the world.  We supply millions of springs each year to the Spring Probe, Pogo Pin, Test Socket and Burn-In Test Socket industries.  Our micro coiling department has state-of-the-art CNC coilers customized to provide the highest quality and most complex designs found anywhere.  Spring design is a critical factor for probe life, internal resistance and contact integrity, so we run an analysis on each and every spring presented to us to optimize the design,  evaluate stresses and determine manufacturability; a report of this analysis is provided to assist in your design process.

  • Micro spring ODs down to 0.0047" using wire diameters down to 0.0007"
  • All High Conductive Materials Available (including Beryllium Copper (BeCu), Beryllium Nickel (BeNi) and Paliney)
  • High Tensile Stainless Steel Available.
  • Inert Gas Heat Treatment
  • Gold and Specialty Alloy Plating
  • Spring ODs down to 0.0047"
  • Wires sizes down to 0.0007"