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Nitinol Components and Nitinol Medical Components

Nitinol:  Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, Coils, Wire Forms and Windings.

Nitinol is the common name used for the shape memory alloy Nickel Titanium (NiTi) and derived from its place of discovery (Nickel Titanium Naval Ordinance Laboratory). It is uniquely different then typical wire alloys used for cold forming or coiling wire components.

A reversible, solid phase transformation known as martensitic transformation is the force behind shape memory alloys. The material forms a crystal structure, which is capable of undergoing a change from one form of crystal structure to another. Temperature change typically initiates this transformation.

Above the transformation temperature Nitinol is super-elastic, able to withstand deformation when a load is applied and return to its original shape when the load is removed. Below the transformation temperature Nitinol displays the shaped memory effect, when deformed it will remain in that shape until heated above its transformation temperature, at which time it returns to its original shape.

Nitinol is typically composed of approximately 50 to 55.6% nickel by weight with the balance being titanium. Making small changes in the composition can change the transition temperature of the alloy significantly. These unique properties make Nitinol suitable for many different types of applications, particularly in medical devices.  Motion Dynamics Corporation can offer:

   * Nitinol Compression Springs

    * Nitinol Torsion Springs

    * Nitinol Extension Springs

   * Nitinol Wire Forms

    * Nitinol Medical Components