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We Provide Solutions (and Service) You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Motion Dynamics Corporation manufactures custom micro springs, medical coils and wire components that solve our customers’ problems in the shortest possible time, no matter how complex or seemingly impossible. We are also experts in laser welding and guidewires and specialize in the design, production and assembly of high quality wire components for medical device applications.

We do all this from our 73,000 sq. ft. custom-designed headquarters located in Fruitport, Michigan. Built in 2015, our facility houses state-of-the-art CNC coilers, winders and formers custom built to satisfy our customers’ requests; as well as an on-site gym, collaborative areas, and modern work spaces.

Our culture is as unique as the solutions we provide and our highly-skilled and experienced team possesses an unwavering desire to push the boundaries of what can be done. None of us believes in saying no. We’re not afraid to invest in new technology if that’s what it takes to deliver the solution – or multiple solutions – you need. We’ve met every challenge that’s come before us head on, and because of it, we’ve developed some of the most innovative products in the industry – products no one else in the world can make. But we don’t stop at simply producing these products. We back everything we do with all the customer support you need, whenever you need it.

Our Mission

Motion Dynamics Corporation is a specialized spring and wire form company committed to building long-term relationships with customers desiring excellence in all aspects of our relationship.

Each of us is committed to understanding our customers and their needs. We accomplish this by providing unequaled quality and delivery, by dedicating resources to innovative processes and equipment, and by hiring and developing people with exceptional skills that uphold our high ethical standards.

Quality Policy

Motion Dynamics Corporation is committed to building long-term relationships with customers by providing high-quality products, being the best at what we do, and by demonstrating a commitment to maintaining and continually improving the quality management system.

Meet The Team

Motion Dynamics Team Member Portrait

Chris Witham

Steve Kuzma, Chief Financial Officer, Motion Dynamics

Steve Kuzma

John McManus, VP of Engineering, Motion Dynamics

John McManus

VP of Engineering
Steve Dufon, VP of Sales & Marketing, Motion Dynamics

Steve Dufon

VP of Sales & Marketing
Richard Witham, Technical Sales, Motion Dynamics

Richard Witham

Technical Sales
Tim Holt, Customer Service Manager, Motion Dynamics

Tim Holt

Customer Service Manager

P : 231-865-7400 x 114
E: Email Tim

Rochelle Sabo, Human Resources Manager, Motion Dynamics

Rochelle Sabo

Human Resources Manager
Paul Cooper, Operations, Motion Dynamics

Paul Cooper


P : 231-865-7400 x 123
E: Email Paul

Scott Stanley, Operations, Motion Dynamics

Scott Stanley


Our Space


I tried so many spring suppliers that crashed and burned. I can’t tell you how good these guys are. Their quality is 98 to 100 percent. The other suppliers were 50 to 60 percent. They’re the perfect supplier. They’re so good, we decided to let them do the testing on their parts and to trust their results. We take their data and accept it, and we never do that. These parts have very tight tolerances. They go into jet engines, there are military applications, they go into oil and gas operations thousands of feet below sea level. Failures can be catastrophic.

We come up with these crazy spring ideas and we send them a prototype and they say ‘No problem.’ We might ask them to do it in two weeks, and they’ll ship it to us in a week and we get it to our customers. Other suppliers, it might be four weeks. This stuff is so difficult to make, they’ve been a godsend for us.

For the record you and the team are really impressive with your attention to detail and communication regarding these builds. In my opinion one of our top suppliers in this regard.

ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified100%
RoHS2 (2011 Directive/65/EU) Compliant100%
REACH Compliant100%
DFARS Compliant100%
NNSA Compliant100%