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With our 73,000 SF facility, cutting-edge technology, experienced and passionate staff, and determination to continually push what’s possible, our capabilities are near limitless.

Rapid Prototypes

Sometimes you need a solution fast – we get it. And we have the ability to respond with one week lead times. Our experienced staff and custom in-house resources allow us to produce and deliver highly specialized precision prototypes fast and exact. We know this is critical to our customers’ success in many of the highly technical markets we serve, so we’ve tailored our operations to satisfy these demands. You can count on it.

High Quantity/Mass Production

Large quantity requests don’t scare us one bit. Our state-of-the-art facility, forward thinking inventory solutions, proactive problem-solving skills and qualified staff allow us the capacity to produce and provide whatever quantity of product you need.

Our modern, 73,000 square foot space was designed with your needs in mind, allowing us to accommodate fast delivery of large quantity, high quality production runs. We have 2 full shifts in operation at all times and a flexible third shift available when needed. Dedicated production cells are also available based on needs and contract conditions. In short, go ahead and order big.

Wire Sub-Assemblies

We are always trying to add value in everything we do for our customers, which is why we will often work together to combine micro wire components to produce wire sub-assemblies. Whether simple or sophisticated, these assemblies save time and money by eliminating other operations and reducing incoming inspections at your facilities. Techniques include:

  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Cutting (Femtosecond Laser Cutter)
  • Centerless Grinding

Coating & Plating

Motion Dynamics Corporation offers micro wire components with both metal plating and synthetic coatings for a wide range of applications. Our advanced coiling and forming capabilities allow us to manufacture using preplated and precoated materials. We also have resources that can post plate or post coat components after forming should that be preferred. Coatings and plating provide a wide variety of performance enhancing options to the wire components we manufacture. The coating can provide lubricity, chemical and moisture resistance, dielectric insulation for example. Plating is typically applied to enhance electrical conductivity.

We offer a wide variety of coatings to protect your products and ensure they look as fabulous as the perform.

  • Gold
  • PTFE
  • Platinum
  • Brass

Coiling and Forming

Coiling micro springs and coils and forming wire products to our customers’ detailed specifications is how we got started in this business, which is exactly why it happens to be one of our specialties! From micro springs to medical coils and guide wires using fine and ultra fine wire diameter applications, our expertise is unmatched. Our proprietary CNC Equipment allows us to manufacture all types of custom springs and wire forms to the highest standards and tightest tolerances. High quantity production is no problem, and if you need a prototype fast, you got it. We love getting involved with our customers’ projects early on and helping with the design to optimize manufacturability.

  • 0.0005″ to 0.125″ round wire diameter range
  • Shaped, square, rectangular and custom wire shapes
  • All alloys available
  • Compression, torsion, double torsion and extension springs
  • Wire Forms, complex or simple.
  • Conical springs, barrel springs and hybrid configurations.

Nitinol Wire Forming

At Motion Dynamics, we have a tough time saying “No.” We’re in the business of solving problems for our customers, and we’ll do whatever we can to provide solutions. That’s why we have a dedicated engineering staff for the development of new capabilities and manufacturing processes with an emphasis on producing nitinol wire components. Sure, we use conventional fixturing procedures when appropriate, but we also develop new and innovative automation processes to provide high quality precision nitinol wire products to your exact specifications.

That means no matter what you ask of us, we’ll likely say, “Yes, we can do that.” And if we can’t, rest assured we’ll figure out how!

Heat Treatment

Inside our state-of-the-art, modern facility, we maintain a large assortment of ovens and furnaces to support the requirements of all the wire components we produce. This allows us to keep the tightest possible quality control providing all the critical operations in-house and under our ISO guidelines. What does this mean for you? Quality, custom products with fast turnaround.

Grinding & Abrading

Many micro wire components have specific end-processing requirements based on the design function of the final product – grinding, abrading, coining, flattening and tip stripping to name a few. Whatever your needs, we have developed a wide variety of unique processes to accommodate them.

Passivation, Cleaning & Handling

We don’t just make parts, we make sure they’re perfect from start to finish. After manufacturing your product, we’re happy to clean, passivate, and handle your parts any way you require using ASTM standards unless another standard is defined. Parts are typically degreased and then ultrasonically cleaned and rinsed in deionized water. Special solvent rinses and handling of products are available including selective oxide layer removal and etching. We provide protective packaging but can package to special specifications as well.

Find out more about Motion Dynamics and our wide array of capabilities by calling, emailing, or filling out our online contact form.