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Learn about the wire components that Motion Dynamics makes for medical devices.

Motion Dynamics is a leading manufacturer of wire components for medical devices. The solutions we offer our customers and the products we make are some of the most creative and innovative in our field.

“We have some basic core capabilities,” says Motion Dynamics president Chris Witham. “One of our strengths is very small components that can literally go from your upper leg up into your head to remove a blood clot, for example.” 

Essentially, we make components that can be fed through a catheter, including:

  • Micro springs
  • Nitinol components
  • Wire forms
  • Windings

For those who work here, knowing that these things we make are used in life-changing and life-saving procedures is a source of great pride. CNC winder operator Dennis Smith says, “Knowing what it’s going to be used for, knowing that it’s going to help somebody, if not save somebody—I don’t think you get much more important than that.”

For one of our own, Focus factory manager Scott Stanley, the work we do hits especially close to home. His 24-year-old son was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia and needed a mapping procedure, which relies on parts made by Motion Dynamics, to correct it. “It’s not just a widget we’re making,” says Stanley. “It’s real-world stuff that makes a difference to people.”

Watch the video below to hear more of Scott’s family’s story and to hear from our employees directly about the importance of the products we make.

If you’re ready to do work with real-work implications making a real difference in people’s lives, join our team at Motion Dynamics. Visit motiondc.com/careers to apply today.

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