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In the aerospace and defense industry especially, springs, coils and wire components not only need to be specialized, but also technically perfect. Precision and attention to detail is critical – we understand it, we respect it, and we most certainly deliver it.

Worldwide Partnerships

Since the inception of Motion Dynamics, we have worked side-by-side with the most distinguished aerospace agencies, facilities and laboratories around the world. We’ve not only developed components for every aspect of the industry, but also strong relationships built on trust and dependability.

We invest in technology, because we’re invested in you

From design to delivery to undying support, you can count on us to solve your challenges, even if it takes investing in new technology. It’s this “do what it takes”, “push the boundaries” attitude that sets Motion Dynamics apart. We do not back down from any challenge and are known for taking on what others can’t, or won’t even attempt. Because of this, we are constantly learning, growing our capabilities, and offering better, more innovative solutions than any other manufacturer of wire components and assemblies.

Industry Experience & Expertise

• NNSA Compliant (National Nuclear Safety Administration)
• ITAR Registered
• Experienced in “Sole Source” Requirements and MIL Specifications
• Catastrophic Recovery Plans in place.

Motion Dynamics exterior entrance sign
Motion Dynamics manufacturing, Fruitport, Michigan

To learn more about Motion Dynamics and our aerospace and defense capabilities, connect with us by email, by dialing 231-865-7400 or by using our convenient online contact form. We will gladly answer your questions and help in any way we can.