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Medical Wire Components

Medical devices and technologies continue to evolve at a rapid pace, and we’ve proven to not only keep up, but pro-actively produce products that significantly contribute to the industry’s success.

We understand critical requirements of the medical production process

Quality, precision and promptness are essential in this industry, and Motion Dynamics delivers on all three. Our experience and expertise combined with our cutting-edge technology and commitment to fast turnarounds, allows us to deliver not only high-quality, high-precision products, but highly-responsive support from beginning to end. You can depend on us for everything from providing design assistance and rapid prototypes to developing processes, delivering large quantity production, and supporting validation requirements. It’s this dependability that has allowed us to build valued and trusted partnerships worldwide, from the early stages of development through release to production.

We’ll do what it takes to deliver the solutions you need

As the medical industry changes, new challenges arise, and we are not afraid to face them. We have no problem venturing into new technological territory, if that’s what it takes to develop innovative solutions to fulfill your needs. Like the medical industry itself, we are constantly pushing boundaries and developing unique, custom products that no other companies in the world even consider. And we continue to look for opportunities to grow our knowledge, which translates into constantly improved upon wire components, offering better quality and greater precision, for the most difficult of challenges.

employee looking through a microscope
Motion Dynamics wash and cleaning station, Fruitport, Michigan

Medically-focused from day one

Since Motion Dynamics began back in 1992, we have specialized in providing quality, fabricated wire products and services to the medical device industry, including but not limited to:

  • Medical Wire Assemblies
  • Micro Springs
  • Medical Coils
  • Coil Winding
  • Reinforcement Wires for Tubing and Endotrachial Tubes
  • Coil Sheath
  • Precious Metal Coils & Wire Forms
  • Radius Tipped Stylets
  • Medical Contact Springs
    Our specially developed process produces both canted and un-canted electrical contact springs to meet IS-1, IS-4 and Neuromodulation requirements.
  • Guide Wires & Catheter Coils
    We designed specialized winding and coiling machinery dedicated to producing precision windings and coils for catheters and other cardiovascular applications – any alloy, any shape, any thickness.
  • Endoscopic Components
    A wide variety of custom coils are available for flexible endoscopic accessory applications.
    Recognizing that lead time and design options are critical factors during product development, we created our Rapid Catheter/Endoscopic Coil program designed to meet your development needs as quickly as possible.

To learn more about Motion Dynamics and our medical wire component capabilities, contact us today by calling 231-865-7400 or email us for more information. We are always happy to help.